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Canor offers quality construction, demolition, excavation, and snow removal services. Read our FAQs if you have any questions regarding our services. Feel free to call us to learn more.


What items are not permitted in the bin?
Roll off: No Cardboard, No tires, No Batteries, No Oil, No Hazardous Waste (i.e. paint), No Electronics

Front End: No Cardboard, No tires, No Batteries, No Oil, No Hazardous Waste (i.e. paint), No Electronics, No Shingles, No Concrete, No Aggregate (i.e. Sand, Gravel, Rocks) No Brick.


How much notice do I need to book a bin?
We require 1-2 days’ notice in most occasions, but subject to change based on bin request and availability.


How much is it to keep the bin longer then the allotted rental term?
$10.00 per day for everyday over the allotted rental term.


How much are the landfill fees?
Every landfill has their own guideline and fees associated to the disposal of waste bins. Canor is required by law to dispose of the waste at the designated landfill within the municipality in which the bin was rented.
Please Note: Certain landfills associate an additional charge for particular items in the bin. In these cases, Canor will apply that charge to your invoice.


I am replacing/repairing a roof. What size bin would I require for this project?
Typically, a 14 or a 20 yard bin would be ideal for a roofing project.


I am looking to tear up my existing driveway. Do you allow bins to get rid of the material? If so, what size?
For clean fill disposal, we allot only 14 and 20 yard bins.


How much is a disposal bin?
Our pricing for waste containers is based on the drop location of the bin. Please call our office and our staff will be glad to provide you with accurate pricing for your bin at your required location.

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